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Our programme offers a transitional or re-entry treatment phase to prepare residents for discharge. During this phase residents may gradually spend an increasing amount of time outside the community (pursuing education or work) while still participating in the programme as residents. This is a period of increased contact with the wider community while the residents still benefit from the safety, stability and support provided by programme services. It allows them to practice newly acquired skills, maintain abstinence, develop new relationships and supportive friendship networks and, where appropriate, to re-establish ties with their immediate families.

    Our Core Beliefs

    Overcoming substance abuse requires long-standing dedication and perseverance, we are here to support you through our varied treatment programs to help you live a happy and productive life.

    Addiction is a disease, and not a choice. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to helping each client overcome this dreaded disease.

    Each client is an individual and so we offer a tailored treatment plan that best meets their needs for the recovery journey.



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P.O.Box 113426, Plot 719, Kalasana Road, Buloba

+256 759 000 042

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